This is my third unit 9 exhibition in South Square Thornton and writing this statement for the exhibiton felt like a continuing conversation I am having with myself, always in the hope that other people will butt in.
         I am still interested in the relationship between content and technique.  When I am painting in waterco -lour - flowers or life drawing - I am always trying for a likeness, an accurate or at least approximate representation,

but as soon as I move into fabric I start to concentrate on the surface -the opacity or transparency of the fabric- the shine of the stitching and cease to worry about representation; for example I don't really mind whether the camelia branch looks like a camelia branch because I have really enjoyed  old fashioned stitching with a shiny surface that shifts with the light.

I have added one more cloud picture - the show was entitled 'Clouds, Flowers and one Face'.  This one is called 'Above Grassington'