life drawing and fabric... a work in progress

I have been trying to improve my life drawing skills in Dean Clough and Cottingley for the past few years and wondering about whether it is possible to combine life drawing and painting with my interest in fabric and embroidery. This exhibition is very much a work in progress. Some of my explorations might lead to further development, some may be dead ends. I would welcome feedback.

See – KUTAC Summer Show

At the end of July I took part in an exhibition in Brighton organised by a group called KUTAC that my daughter is a member of. When visiting her in Brighton I joined some KUTAC meetings, and they allowed me to join them for the exhibition. The exhibition was in Brighton Fishing Quarter Gallery, in one of the arches on the seafront. I exhibited one of my screens, a portrait and life drawing piece. I really enjoyed it – it was a lovely space and sitting at the door drawing the seafront whilst invigilating was a delight. I thought the exhibition hung together extremely well. There were loads of very appreciative comments and it was good to be part of it.

Here are some pictures from the MMCA exhibition

I was really happy with after the exhibition preview on last Sunday. Lots of people came and said nice things - mind you I'm not sure that you ever get stinging criticism at a preview - and I think I sold enough to cover my costs. I was particularly pleased by a number of people commenting that a couple of pictures made Bradford look beautiful and interesting - which of course it is.

'Scapes' is my latest exhibition at Manningham Mills Community Centre, it runs from Sunday 3rd April to Sunday 29th May. The centre is open 9-4pm daily.

I am interested in trying to capture the moments when, driving or walking round Bradford, you catch a glimpse of the fields or hills through the buildings. This is my first attempt. It is 59 cms square
My next exhibition is going to be in Manningham Mills Community Association in April 2011. Manningham Mills is a fantastic building just up the road from me with an excellent cafe. I hope to be able to show pictures and the screens inspired by Manningham and Bradford. The screen above is the skyline in evening from the park with Manningham Mills Chimmney in the background. The screen is roughly 50 cms x 100 cms (as it were fully stretched)